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we want to make your THR shopping experience as transparent as possible

  • What is Trout House Rugs' story?
    Our CEO, team leader and rug extraordinaire, Mrs. Bekah Trout, is who you can thank for creating this community. Her love of textiles dates back to her college years where she studied Art. From there, rugs captured her attention with their unique personalities and sometimes mysterious back stories. Trout continues to express how sometimes knowing the history of a rug is impossible but based on threads, knots, colors and styles, she is able to narrow down the origins of each of her unique rugs.
  • Where is THR located?
    Our THR team is proud to call Fort Worth, Texas home! Fort Worth is located just 32 miles west of Dallas and whether you consider our hometown Cowtown, Funkytown, Panther City, FWTX, or The Fort... Trout House Rugs is eager to be your supplier for all home floor decor needs. Although we do not have a brick and mortar showroom currently, we hope to expand to that level one day. For now, all our sales are online or in person if you are local to the DFW area.
  • How do I know what size rug I need?
    We believe that size comes down to a personal preference and what fits your lifestyle. We recommend using painters tape on your floors to help when choosing the perfect size rug for your space.
  • What if my rug needs repairs?
    Our handmade rugs offer excellent durability and should last a lifetime. Almost every rug can be repaired. If something happens to your favorite rug, whether it's a snag, a worn spot, tear or frayed edges, a rug restoration specialist can help restore your favorite rug. Our DFW Repair Recommendation: Argosy Rugs 1655 Hickory Dr. Suite C Haltom City, TX 76117 (817) 404-2374
  • How do I clean my new rug?
    We recommend treating everyday stains by using a solution of dish soap and warm water. Accidents do happen and if you experience a serious spillage, please call your professional rug cleaning company. DFW Recommendation: Oriental Rug Cleaning Co. 3907 Ross Ave, Dallas, Texas 75204 214.821.9135
  • Oh No! I have a loose thread on my rug, what do I do?"
    If a thread becomes loose in your rug, do not worry; loose threads are normal. Do not pull the thread, but carefully cut it with sharp scissors. This will not damage the rug.
  • Can you explain your custom rug process?
    We LOVE when our clients challenge our creativety! Here at THR we can make ANY rug, with ANY colors and in ANY size! You can find a design from a rug in our collection... you can find a rug in Architectural Digest... just send us what you're looking for and we will price it out for you. All custom orders take approximentely 12-15 weeks to complete and prices start at $24 a square foot.
  • How can rugs be used besides the floor?
    Our very own Bekka Trout loves to change up her home decor with constantly changing textiles. In her home you can find THR draped across the ends of beds, on the arms of couches, hung on the wall and even framed! Sometimes you have to think outside the box to give your new heirlooms a different place in your space.
  • What if I am not happy with my purchase?
    We understand that sometimes purchases miss the mark for the space that customers invisioned their rug for. Upon checkout of initial order, customers acknowledge that Trout House Rugs does accept returns with the following conditions: 1. THR must be contacted immediately. 2. Merchandise that is being returned MUST be postmarked within 48 hours of receiving the order. 3. Return shipping and Insurance will be paid for by the customer. 4. THR will be provided a tracking number by customer. 5. Upon THR receiving the returned purchase, we are happy to provide the customer with THR store credit.
  • What is your shipping process?
    For Continental U.S. shipments, THR uses FedEx Ground shipping on orders and all rugs are shipped out on Fridays. We happily send tracking information to our customers so they know when to expect their new purchase! For deliveries outside the Continental U.S., shipping charges will reflect during your checkout process.
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